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PHRP : Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives


Editorial board

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~ 2022


Jong-Koo Lee, MD, PhD0000-0003-4833-1178National Academy of Medicine of Korea, Seoul, Korea Korea

Editorial Board

Curie Ahn, MD, PhD0000-0002-7872-3319 Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Roland Brosch, PhD0000-0003-2587-3863 Institut Pasteur, France France
Shilpa Buch, PhD0000-0002-3103-6685 University of Nebraska, USA USA
William Chen, PhD University of Florida, USA USA
Sang-In Chung, MD, PhD Chung-Ang University, Korea Korea
Sun Huh, MD, PhD0000-0002-8559-8640 Hallym University, Korea Korea
Jae-Yeon Jang, PhD0000-0002-3913-8758 Ajou University, Korea Korea
Sun Ha Jee, PhD0000-0001-9519-3068 Yonsei University, Korea Korea
Joseph Kamgno, MD, PhD0000-0003-1572-3490 CRFilMT, Cameroon Cameroon
Dong-Woon Kim, MD, PhD0000-0002-1988-2002 Chungbuk National University, Korea Korea
Jinhyun Kim, PhD0000-0001-7141-1606 Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Jong-Hyun Kim, MD, PhD0000-0001-8641-7904 The Catholic University of Korea, Korea Korea
Yongkuk Kim, PhD 0000-0002-8808-3861Kyungpook National University, Korea Korea
Soon Young Lee, MD, PhD0000-0002-3160-577X Ajou University, Korea Korea
Martin Meltzer, PhD0000-0002-7250-0472 CDC, USA USA
Tippavan Nagachinta, MD, DrPH CDC, USA USA
Hiroshi Nishiura, MD, PhD0000-0003-0941-8537 Kyoto University, Japan Japan
Hyun Joo Pai, MD, PhD 0000-0003-4143-035XHanyang University, Korea Korea
Jeffrey Partridge, PhD WHO/Western Pacific Reginal Office, USA USA
Kholoud Porter, PhD0000-0002-9226-6206 Medical Research Council, UK UK
Joon Haeng Rhee, MD, PhD 0000-0003-4018-3203Chonnam National University, Korea Korea
James Sneyd, PhD0000-0001-7305-2862 The University of Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
Aeree Sohn, PhD 0000-0002-8524-2433Sahmyook University, Korea Korea
Byoung-Joon Song, PhD0000-0002-3954-3497 National Institutes of Health, USA USA
Jin-Won Song, MD, PhD Korea University, Korea Korea
Michael Sparks, PhD0000-0002-6796-677X University of Canberra, Australia Australia
Kiyosu Taniguchi, MD, PhD National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan Japan
Tai-Soon Yong, MD, PhD Yonsei University, Korea Korea
Guang Zeng, PhD Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China China

Statistical Editors

Ho Kim, PhD0000-0001-7472-3752Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Jin Hee Lee, PhD0000-0002-2556-5484National Medical Center, Korea Korea

Advisory Committee

Cho-il Kim, PhD0000-0002-6495-8483Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Yoon Hyung Park, MD, MPH0000-0002-1801-0552Soonchunhyang University, Korea Korea

Editorial Office

Hee Youl Chai, PhD0000-0002-7508-4902Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Korea Korea
Managing Editor
Yeoran Yoon0000-0002-2603-0414Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Korea Korea
Se Hee Hwang, MS0000-0002-0418-7314Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Korea Korea
Chaeshin Chu, PhD0000-0001-6866-1583Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Korea Korea
Editorial Coordinator
Hye-Min Cho, MA0000-0002-1672-0200Infolumi, Korea Korea
Jisoo Yoon0000-0002-7927-0614Infolumi, Korea Korea
Manuscript Editor
Sue Yeon ChungInfolumi, Korea Korea
Yoon Joo Seo, ELS0000-0002-0202-8352Infolumi, Korea Korea

PHRP : Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives