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Hematian, Sadeghifard, Mohebi, Taherikalani, Nasrolahi, Amraei, and Ghafourian: Corrigendum to “Traditional and Modern Cell Culture in Virus Diagnosis”[Osong Public Health Res Perspect 2016;7(2):77–82]
This corrects the article "Traditional and Modern Cell Culture in Virus Diagnosis" on page 77.
In the above-mentioned article, the authors want to update the source of Figures 2 and 4 in Figure legends and in the Reference section, which was missing the original article. The figure originally published in our own previous article and it is now cited properly.
Figure 2
Untreated A549 cells, B) HSV2 inoculated to A549, C) adenovirus inoculated to A549, D) untreated MRC-5 fibroblasts, E) CMV inoculated MRC-5 fibroblasts, F) rhinovirus inoculated to MRC-5 fibroblasts, G) untreated RhMK, H) enterovirus inoculated to RhMk, I) influenza A inoculated to RhMk, J) untreated HEp-2 K) RSV inoculated to HEp-2, L) monkey virus inoculated to RhMk [1].
Figure 4
IF Diagnosis of viral respiratory pathogens inoculated to R-Mix cells. A) Un treated R-Mix, B) adenovirus, C) influenza type A, D) influenza type B E) parainfluenza virus type 1, F) parainfluenza virus 2, G) parainfluenza virus 3, H) RSV [1].
The authors regret this error and would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.



1. Leland DS, Ginocchio CC. Role of cell culture for virus detection in the age of technology. Clin Microbiol Rev 2007;20(1):49-78.
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