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A low risk of nosocomial transmission of subclinical tuberculosis to neonates in a postpartum care center under COVID-19 control measures
In Kyoung Kim, So Jung Kim, Kyoung Hee Bae, Mi Young Kim, Ji Eun Oh, Mi Gyeong Lee, Young Ae Kang, Jin Su Song
Osong Public Health Res Perspect. 2022;13(6):448-452.   Published online December 16, 2022
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We report the results of investigating and managing a tuberculosis (TB) exposure in apostpartum care center. Among the contacts exposed to a nursing assistant with subclinical TB,5 of 44 neonates (11.4%) had positive tuberculin skin tests (TSTs) at 3 months of age, and all theTST-positive neonates received the Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination. Seven of 28 healthcareworkers (25.0%) and 1 of 3 household contacts (33.3%) were positive in the initial or repeatedinterferon-gamma release assay. None of the contacts developed TB disease during the studyperiod. Annual TB examinations of healthcare personnel at a postpartum care center under theTuberculosis Prevention Act in South Korea enabled the early detection of subclinical TB, whichreduced the risk of transmission to neonates under strict coronavirus disease 2019 preventionmeasures.
Effect of Maternal Immune Status on Responsiveness of Bacillus Calmette-Gurin Vaccination in Mouse Neonates
Jong Su Choi, Ryang Yeo Kim, Semi Rho, Fanny Ewann, Nathalie Mielcarek, Man Ki Song, Cecil Czerkinsky, Jae-Ouk Kim
Osong Public Health Res Perspect. 2012;3(2):68-73.   Published online June 30, 2012
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Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination has proven to be efficient in immunologically naïve infants; however, it has not been investigated that maternal natural exposure to Mycobacterium and/or BCG vaccine could influence the characteristics of immune responses to BCG in newborns. In this study, we analyzed whether the maternal immune status to M tuberculosis (M tb) can affect neonatal immunity to BCG using a mouse model.
Neonates were obtained from mice that were previously exposed to live BCG, to live M avium, or to heat-killed M tb H37Rv, and from naïve control mothers. One week after birth, the neonates were divided into two subgroups: one group immunized with live BCG via the subcutaneous route and the other group of neonates sham-treated. Interferon-gamma (IFNγ) secretion in response to in vitro stimulation with heat-killed BCG or purified protein derivative (PPD) was examined. Protection against M tb infection was evaluated by challenging mice nasally with live M tb H37Rv followed by counting colonies from spleen and lung homogenates.
BCG-immunized neonates showed increased IFNγ secretion in response to heat-killed BCG or PPD. All mice in BCG-immunized neonates subgroups showed reduced bacterial burden (colony forming unit) in the lungs when compared with control naive neonate mice. However, no statistically significant difference was observed when comparing BCG-immunized mice born from mothers previously exposed to M avium or immunized with either heat-killed H37Rv or live BCG and mice born from naïve mothers.
The maternal immune status to M tb does not appear to impact on the immunogenicity of BCG vaccine in their progeny in our experimental conditions


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