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Yeon-Hee Jeong 1 Article
Associated Factors of Ischemic Heart Disease Identified Among Post-Menopausal Women
Jin Suk Ra, Hye Sun Kim, Yeon-Hee Jeong
Osong Public Health Res Perspect. 2019;10(2):56-63.   Published online April 30, 2019
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This study identifies associated factors of ischemic heart disease (IHD) among post-menopausal Korean women at the biomedical (age, family history of hypertension, dyslipidemia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, or cerebro-cardiovascular disease, body mass index, and metabolic syndrome), biosocial (socioeconomic status and educational level), and psychosocial levels (stress, depression, smoking, binge alcohol consumption, and physical activity).


This study used a cross-sectional design with secondary data analysis of the 2013–2016 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Data from 3,636 women were analyzed by logistic regression analysis using a complex sample procedure.


Of the biomedical factors, older age [odds ratio (OR): 2.99, 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.87–4.80, p < 0.001], family history (OR: 2.29, 95% CI: 1.44–3.65, p = 0.001), and metabolic syndrome (OR: 1.93, 95% CI: 1.27–2.95, p = 0.002) were associated with IHD in post-menopausal women. Of the psychosocial factors, depression (OR: 2.56, 95% CI: 1.66–3.96, p < 0.001) and smoking (OR: 1.92, CI: 1.04–3.55, p = 0.038) were associated with IHD in post-menopausal women.


These findings suggest that healthcare providers need to consider the contributing adverse effects of older age, family history, metabolic syndrome, depression and smoking when evaluating risk factors for IHD in post-menopausal women.

PHRP : Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives