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Hagyung Lee 1 Article
Epidemiological Characteristics of Scrub Typhus in Korea, 2009
Sunja Kim, Jin Seok Kim, Hagyung Lee
Osong Public Health Res Perspect. 2010;1(1):55-60.   Published online December 31, 2010
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Currently, the incidence of scrub typhus has increased in urban areas. In this study, we described the epidemiological characteristics of scrub typhus cases reported in the urban areas of Korea in 2009.
We analysed the case investigation reports of scrub typhus cases that were collected in Korea in 2009. Specially, the different risk factors such as fieldwork and outdoor activity were compared to urban and rural areas, and six urban cities. Statistical analysis was performed using χ2 test.
A total of 4,461 cases (including 1,663 suspected cases) were analysed in this study. Among these, the case reports of 4,254 cases had complete addresses. The cases with outdoor activities were 720 (85.2%) in urban areas. In Daegu and Daejeon, the number of cases participated in outdoor activities was 32 (34.4%) and 23 (31.5%), respectively. In other urban areas, cases with outdoor activities were more than 85%.
The most common infection risk factor was outdoor activity in urban areas. However, the proportion and distribution of outdoor activities were different in urban areas. These results will be used to establish strategies for effective prevention and management in urban areas.


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